Circle Time Board

I found this little fellow playing in front of our circle time board today.

Since we started Mother Goose Time this past May, he has loved when we get together for ‘circle time,’ a time when I play this little song and we sing and dance around the board. “1,2,3 come learn with me. 4, 5, 6 calendar and weather pics. 7, 8,9 it’s circle time.” This is the time where we talk about the day of the week, add the date to the calendar, identify what weather picture is appropriate for that day, and usually review the sight word flowers (what Peter is holding up above).

So he has always been a fan of the circle time board. I just didn’t expect to find him there by  himself today since we weren’t in the middle of a lesson.

He surprised me by role playing with the sight word flowers, calling the smaller ones “friends” and then making a family out of 3 of them (“daddy, mommy, baby”). And as you can tell from the picture, even wanting to sort them by color. It’s neat to see him develop these skills, because it was just a couple of months ago that I wondered if he was interested in anything other than shapes and categorizing by shape.

We had also already put some of our August material up on the board, so he took down the ‘b’ card with the blue ball on it, and matched the blue flower to it, and then found his red ball on the floor and put it on top of the ball picture. I just think it is so neat to see him utilizing all the different materials all by himself.

This was him explaining something to me, which I was having a hard time understanding, but he was so serious that I just let him get it all out.

I guess this just goes to show there is at least one blessing to not having a designated homeschool room that is off in another part of the house. When our school supplies are visible, they tend to take advantage of them. That makes me feel a little bit better about things seeming to always be a cluttered mess. At least it’s accomplishing something. 🙂

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