Night School

Tonight Daddy joined us for school! It was so fun to have him be a part of the lesson. I’m so thankful for the flexibility that homeschooling allows us. I was able to go get a much-needed second round of antibiotics from the sinus infection that wants to hold on all.year.long, and we were still able to keep up on our pace for this week’s plans by finishing a few lessons after dinner.

We read the story of the Boys and the Frogs, and how their fun of throwing rocks in a pond was not so much fun for the frogs.

Here is a sneak peak into the lovely Teacher’s Manual that I get every month.

We used little plastic frogs and flipped them around the table, and then played a little game.

Natalie wanted to decorate hers. She is pure girl.

We were having so much fun that we moved on to Day 8, which talked about Crabs! We made our own crabs out of the letter C.

Peter loved having his daddy sitting right next to him during the lesson.

Yay for C!

I just love this picture. It was a reminder of me of one of the blessings that Mother Goose Time has been for our family. You see, I’m a pretty lazy person. I am not super-crafty and if left up to me, we would do worksheets all day. I dig that. But Mother Goose Time provides such fun activities for the kids – taking most of the work out of it by providing the needed materials (and just what you need, not extras that you then have to find a place to store). And so now I have these sweet memories, like this picture, where my boys are working together. And it’s giving Peter some great memories as well!

Crab headbands!

And…Peter is done. ๐Ÿ™‚

WE pretty much called it a night, literally at this point, as it was bedtime. But it was fun to try out a new routine and see what night school can look like every once in a while.

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