August: Fables & Folktales

I realized this month that I’ve never posted the wonderful elements I get each month with each new theme-based Mother Goose time curriculum box.

This month’s theme is Fables & Folktales. Each month comes with a flow-chart to show you the daily topics, grouped by weeks, that you’ll be discussing. I love that this helps cast a vision for where we will be headed for the upcoming month.

Don’t you just love this month’s super cute flow-chart?!

Monthly Theme Poster

We make a monthly theme display on a poster board each month so that we can pull it out with us during our daily lessons, as a visual reminder of what we’re discussing and for some good review opportunities throughout the month.

Our first day, we discussed the Lion and the Mouse story.  And you can see a sneak peek at this month’s teaching manual, that walks you through all the different activities for the day, starting with circle time and then diving into the daily activities based around the Daily Topic.

Each month’s curriculum comes with a book. Yes, a book! (Let all the book lovers rejoice!) This month’s is Aesop’s Fables, which will walk us through the stories for each daily topic.

IMG_20150803_093051153Don’t you just love the illustrations?!

It’s so fun to be able to add these books to our personal library!

So far, each month’s first day has come with these cute little magnifying glasses. Each glass asks a question and directs the child to find an object that is located on the monthly theme poster. Being a visual learner myself, I love that this curriculum offers such cute visuals that the kids can interact with, from the monthly poster and topic chart to the book.

Here are my kiddos exploring the monthly chart.

Peter couldn’t decide if he wanted to find the turtle or ants first.

Peter found the ants!

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