Pet love

Thursday was so much fun, as you will see from the barrage of pictures.

The day’s topic: Caring for Pets

We started out with a logic puzzle, where I cut out the pieces of a bird for Natalie to try to reconstruct in her cage.

As you can see, Natalie was a little distraught that the beak was listed first. She kept asking me questions like, “Where do I put the beak? Can I put the head down first? I don’t know how to just put down the beak.” I wanted to just let her figure things out on her own, so I told her she could make whatever choices she wanted.

Bingo. What the girl (and really any girl) wanted to hear. From then on, it was smooth sailing.

Brother watching on, engaged and mistaking his current project with the chip he left laying on the table. Dangers of multi-tasking.

Haha, I let him get a committed bite out of it before he realized his mistake.

Project complete.

Meet Friley the bird.

Next came the Spanish activity, compiling a little book called “I love my pets” with the Spanish version written at the bottom of each page. There were pictures of each pet for them to match to the correct page. I love this concept!

Natalie was very interested as I read each page, pointing out the names of each animal in Spanish. “The word for cat in Spanish is gato?” “Pescado is a weird name for a fish.”

Peter picked up his cover page and immediately started reciting “I love you so much.” This is what Natalie is most famous for writing in her notes to her loved ones, so much so that now anytime Peter sees something with a heart, he says it. I am so tempted to have him do it in public and convince people that my two-year-old can read.

Look at those sweet duck lips.

Peter got to pasting as Natalie finished up decorating her cover page.

Of course he needed to copy sissy’s design, adding a little yellow crayon before grabbing and committing to the red marker.

Marker is his medium of choice these days. Nothing else seems to hold his attention like markers.

Booklet complete.

“Smile for the picture.”

“Again. Uh, thanks goof ball.”

Still going…


Then we moved onto some review hand-outs that were provided in Day 20’s materials. I put them in page protectors so the kiddos could reuse them in the future.

I don’t know what it is about the power of a dry-erase marker, but those kiddos were so excited. That’s it! I’ve decided that everything must be laminated or page-protected from now on. Gotta milk this for all it’s worth.

Peter experimenting with the eraser.

Once again, power of a marker. The never-expiring energy of Peter has been contained to a seated position for over 5 minutes now. Ahhh (insert angelic singing)

And goofball holding up her bone she has colored white.

I love Peter’s expression here. Not sure if he’s curious, thinking that she’s being ridiculous, or concerned she may be encroaching on his dry-erase marker time. The hubs says he looks like he’s about to stab her with it.

We wrapped up time at the table with our best bird impersonations with the remaining tortilla chips from snack time. Not sure who won – Natalie or Peter’s duck lips from earlier. Either way, both are pretty darn cute.

And finally we went into the living room to play ‘fetch’ with the newly decorated bones. Surprise, surprise, Peter colored his with red marker.
Natalie placed both bones on one side of the room, and then asked me to be the owner and tell them now many steps (crawls) to make the two puppies to their bones. It was fun to see her imagination and how she can so easily create a game out of an object.  And then I let the two ‘puppies’ play while I went to make lunch. A fun, full morning was had by all.


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