The Crow and the Pitcher

Today was Day 6 – The Crow and the Pitcher! The kids were so excited because this meant we got to play with water and what they call “jewels,” the little blue stones that came with a previous month’s curriculum as math manipulatives! They were stoked!
This is not my first ball game. Towels were carefully laid out before they sat down.

As the story goes, a crow added stones to a pitcher of water that contained only a little bit of water, which it couldn’t reach with its beak due to the narrow neck of the pitcher. By adding stones, the water level rose and it was able to quench its thirst. So we started adding stones to see if our water levels would change.

Nat was so excited to see the difference we marked on her tub.

Here was Peter’s tub.

And then of course, they free-played with the water and ‘jewels’ for a little while after this, as I pulled out the next activity’s materials.

Crow Shakers!
I’m realizing now that I didn’t get a before picture of the materials, but the kiddos designed the crows themselves, cutting out the beaks. Natalie chose to add red eyelashes and a yellow bow, as well as a long tail.

Here is Peter’s with his short little stubby tail and pokey hair.

Needless to say, there was a lot of musical activity after they were finished. The shakers may have secretly disappeared after moving on to the next activity. ๐Ÿ™‚

And just for fun, here is my sweet little Peter building Robot Towers. Because just like the more intentional stuff, I am a huge advocate for free-play learning as well.





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