First things First

When it comes to “box day,” which for those of you not in the homeschool arena or are new to it is the exciting day when your new curriculum comes in. For some, that’s once a year if you’re ordering all-inclusive, holistic curriculum. For those of us in the Mother Goose Time community, this exciting day comes once a month! Yep, you heard me right. It’s like a mini-Christmas morning experience built into the second half of each month.

And of course, the first thing we pull out is the “Music and Manipulatives” bag.

This shiny little thing that comes with new toys each month, as well as the monthly-themed music CD that corresponds with our daily lessons. We’ve started compiling quite the supply of manipulatives since starting Mother Goose Time last May, and they come in handy on many occasions when we’re needing something fun on a rainy day. Actually, I’ve been really surprised with how much these materials have become a permanent part of our toy/play routine, with their home now in a 4-drawer rolling cart in the corner of our kitchen (where most of our school day happens).

So of course, when we needed something to help occupy the kiddos while I grabbed a shower before dinner, the manipulatives was a fun go-to with new toys for this month!

This month’s bag came with the “In the Orchard” CD, which we will explore more tomorrow as we start out our week. We also have seeds, some fun new translucent pattern blocks (these different types of pattern blocks are always a winner), some fun new fruit beads that you can thread onto a shoestring, and some pie tins. My curiosity is definitely peaked as to what some of these will be used for this month.

Peterman, our little tower builder, went right at stacking the new beads. The fruit beads won his attention.

We’ll see if he starts to incorporate the shoe string, or if they are now just building materials for him.

Looking forward to exploring these pieces more in the next few weeks!

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