Friends and Creative Play

September is proving to a be a fun-filled, but FULL month for us. I was so excited when I found out how closely September’s Mother Goose Time theme, Friends and Feelings, was coordinating with a local homeschool co-op that we recently joined. One of our primary goals for joining this year was for Natalie and Peter to hvae some opportunities to be around other kids on a regular basis besides just Sunday mornings at church, now that our summer playdates have come to an end, and also to give Natalie specifically some opportunities to learn how to better acclimate to new environments. She’s very easily over-stimulated in large crowds and new places, and so it’s been very stressful for her (and us) even on Sunday mornings to drop her off in the large room for her new class, now that she has moved up to the Elementary-age ministry, Kid Motion. We knew that she needed some more opportunities to experience some change in safe ways and build up her confidence.

So needless to say, we’ve had a lot of discussions about making new friends and how she is feeling. And it’s one of those seasons, when my husband and I have been in much prayer about it, that it’s so apparent that God is responding and guiding us (as He always done, but sometimes I have a hard time recognizing it in the moment). He’s been so faithful to remind us that He is the Good Shepherd, and He will lead and guide us, providing all we need along the way. I have felt so helpless and ill-equipped to help her with these current struggles, and so it’s been a  great reminder for me that I don’t have to have all the answers – He loves her so much and will take care of her. Sometimes through me and Jordan, sometimes through other things.

So moving on to our fun with this month’s curriculum. This post will be short and sweet, one of my favorite moments so far.  We were doing the following activity called “Friend Puppets.”

Lesson plan
It is pretty much how it sounds – we made these cute little puppets out of the provided materials (because Mother Goose Time is fabulous!).  Before we got started on the exercise, Natalie had been playing with another little workbook, focusing on practicing with scissors and has these cute little items you can cut out and apply to background pictures. She had been working on cutting out ice cream scoops to add to a page full of ice cream cones when Peter decided to be a little creative with some of the remaining ice cream scoops that were left on the page.

ice cream on the booty
I questioned him as I was helping him glue on his various accessories, asking if he wanted the ice cream on the front of the shirt instead of the back. And he quite clearly and adamantly told me that he wanted the ice cream “on the booty. Ice cream on the booty.”
I’m not quite sure what inspired this very specific action, but it was hilarious. And we felt he was pretty accurate as to where ice cream lands after you eat it.

IMG_20150907_084958752Here are both Natalie’s (left) and Peter’s sets of puppets. Natalie chose to add pipeclearners for hair (not included in the provided materials) and a bow tie, and decided that the feathers were much better arms than hair. I love that she constantly thinks outside the box instead of just what is put in front of her to complete activities. It really challenges me and broadens my horizons, as I’m such a rule-follower and just try to recreate examples that are given to me.

IMG_20150907_085006639 And of course, we had to get a booty shot for full effect.

I just love this time with my kiddos, seeing their personalities expressed is ALL different kinds of ways.

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