Friends and Feelings: More Literacy

I’ve talked about these books before, but I love, love, love the More Literacy & More Math add-ons from Mother Goose Time. Although they are targeted at older preschoolers to help them transition into Kindergarten, I have found that they are a great resource for both my kiddos. And I love that you can do them independently or tracking along with the Daily Discovery Bags for the month.  So, I’ve decided to walk you through this month’s More Literacy book (More Math post to come later), so you can see just how great these little books are for yourselves.

I love these exercises where it encourages the child to draw and write (or tell)  a story.

Working on our letter “F” for the month

Fun activities that allow the child to practice cutting and them using the pieces to act our a story, or sometimes there are gameboards where we play a game.

Making our own “F” book, discussing F words and feelings (drawing in faces)

Moving into P

Making our own P book now

P & F sound exercises.

Moving onto K and building words by changing the first letter

Color by letter! yay! I used to love these as a kid.

Focusing on ending sounds, as well as making our K Book

Maze time!

Oooh, love this activity! The child is asked to try to figure out what is happening in the story just by looking at the pictures, and then answer the question. I see a lot of fun discussion from this, talking about helpfulness. And then focus on beginning sounds.

Love the idea of incorporating the computer exercise, getting the child ready to start to recognize letters on a keyboard. And then a role-playing activity with the poem “A Tisket, A Tasket”, matching the stamps to the appropriate postcards and playing out what happens in the poem.

Fun cutting exercise to identify objects that start with the /f/ sound.

A quick review of beginning sounds on the left, and then on the right matching 3 different sentences to the appropriate illustration. And then identifying the beginning letter for each picture below.

Some handwriting exercises using the letters we’ve focused on all month long, as well as some sight words and key terms.

 And then an assessment chart to review what skills this book has covered, helping you track what activities may still need reinforcement and what activities your child may be excelling in already.

Aren’t these little books great? I’m a workbook nerd, I own that. But I really think that most kids would find the variety of activities and games fun!

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