Friends and Feelings: More Math

As I mentioned here, I love this resource!  So I’m going to walk you through this month’s book so you’ll get an idea of why I love these like I do.


 Friends and Feelings (September’s Theme). As I mentioned in the previous post, these workbooks can work hand-in-hand with the month’s 20 Daily Activities (each page is labeled for the corresponding Day), or you can work through them independently with no issues. So there is a lot of freedom for mamas like me that may forget about things if they’re not right in front of me and the sticky note has fallen out of my Teacher’s Guide, and we need to make up a few days on the fly. No harm, no foul!

Working on our numbers for the month, 1 & 2. And then a fun activity where the child cuts out the objects at the bottom, and then following the details of the story, places the objects in the appropriate places. (3 acorns in the leaves, etc.)

Counting objects in the picture on the left, and then writing out the number words. On the right, adding friendship beads, and the opportunity to make our own equations at the bottom by cutting out beads and numbers. Natalie loves coming up with her own equations already, so I’m sure she is going to love this.

Color by shape on the left, and on the right, we’ll need the cube we’ll cut out of the following page (pictured below). We’ll roll the cube, and depending on the image that is face up, we’ll color in a box on that row and continue until the path blocks are filled and we reach our destination.

game cube for activity above

Fill in the different emotions and trace the shape

More addition with feelings on the left. On the right, we’ll cut out the cards and turn them over, flipping to try to find the present.

On the right, find a shape that matches the first one on each row.

Pattern practice on the left and shape play on the right. I’m looking forward to this activity! It will be fun to see what creative creatures the kiddos create. (Unintentional alliteration right there.)

On the right, we’ll fill the grocery bags with food, making sure we’re distributing them evenly. This will be a great opportunity to talk about sharing, how we have been given SO much in order to give to others, and fairness.

On the left, a great activity to practice listening skills (draw a happy face on the circles, a sad face on the squares, and a made face on the triangles). Natalie tends to jump right in without waiting to instructions, so we’ll dsicuss that a little bit during this time.  On the right, a math exercise with an additional challenge at the bottom.

Pattern practice, with a space to create our own, and a measuring activity on the right.

sorting by color and shape

Counting practice and an exercise on size/proportion on the right

Matching numbers to appropriate numbers of shapes, some more math by drawing objects, and on the right, a quick review.

More pattern review, listening activities, and size assessment. On the right, the Math Skills Assessment chart.

Great resource to pinpoint what areas your child may need more reinforcement and what areas your child has a good foundational knowledge of at this point.

I’m looking forward to jumping into this!

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