October: A Week At a Glance

Fall is here! I am so so happy about this. It has allowed this past week’s gloomy and rainy weather to be a little bit more bearable, knowing that fall has arrived with all things good: sweaters, hot beverages always, smores, scarves, fires, brightly colored leaves. I could go on and on.


As I mentioned here, October’s theme for our Mother Goose Time curriculum is “In The Orchard” and holds some of the treasures of fall: Trees, leaves, fall fruits, and we’re even studying some fun little critters and their behaviors during the fall. And this has lined up beautifully with the Kindergarten curriculum that we chose for Natalie this year, My Father’s World, with Unit 3 being L is for Leaf. I love it when the Lord’s timing is so evident. He doesn’t have to sync things like this up for us, but it makes things so much more full and is a little bit easier for me, and for this I am thankful.

So I thought I would show you our MGT Week 1’s activities at a glance, and all the fun materials that come in our little school bus box each month.  But first, let me show you my new circle time board!

I’m so excited that I have this ready for October’s fun! Little Peter was crying, literally, for Circle Time the other morning, and seeing as how he had demolished our previous board while I was on vacation last week, it was actually not an option. So he was so excited when he woke up this past week to see the board. He asked if it was from Target. 🙂 Can you tell where Mommy likes to shop?

As you can see, there is room for the monthly theme poster at the bottom of the middle section, so that will be changing monthly, as well as obviously the calendar. The other features will be fairly permanent, rotating out the weather, shape, number, and letters each month as well.

These are our new friendly bees that will help us learn a character trait each month. September introduced Respectful and this month we will be talking about Honesty.

Here are our Letter cards we get each month (the larger being our flag letters that we can later string up in our office for an alphabet banner, the smaller ones with pictures on the back to help associate letter with cooresponding words with the same beginning letter, and then also our white manipulative letters that we have fun tracing and just as a learning tool), and then our number tree, getting new leaves and numbers to hang each month.

Okay, on to Week 1!

Day 1: Seed

All of this was in the individually packaged Day 1 bag. Have I mentioned how much their organization makes me happy?! So, as you can see, you can get a pretty good idea of what you’ll be doing just by pulling out your materials for the day, before even opening the Teacher’s Guide.

Day 1 always includes the nametag, and I’m going to start using this as a benchmark to compare how their writing is developing from month to month.

This is a glimpse at the Teacher’s Guide for Day 1, with the instructions for each activity, identifying what supplies have been provided and what you may need to gather.

And then we’ll be counting seeds, which were included in this month’s Music and Manipulatives bag.

Day 2: Roots!
Our first month with Mother Goose Time was themed “Growing Gardens” and we talked a lot about the structure of a plant (seed, root, bud, leaf, etc.), so this will be a fun review to see what information Natalie and Peter can recall from May.

Here are some friendly bee badges that will help remind us to choose honesty.

Here are our monthly magnifying glasses so that we can find fun objects on our monthly theme calendar on our Circle Board.

Eep! I love these little journals and how we have activities woven throughout the month to incorporate the journals. They are such cute keepsakes for us after we complete the month.

Day 3: Trunk

We’ll be reading about George Washington,

(excerpt from the Teacher’s Guide)

as well as looking at the rings in a tree trunk and using some of our pattern pieces that came in our Music and Manipulative bag.

Our little rings are provided to place on our trunk picture.

We’ll be making at least a bird and an apple with our pieces on Day 3. But knowing Natalie, she will have some other creations to add to the mix.

And then this activity looks the most fun!  The activity includes this cute little video that will introduce the kiddos (and myself) to an ermine (which I just learned is a northern weasel).

Look at that fun little baggie of supplies!

The kiddos will make their own little ermines.

Day 4: Branch

We’ll be decorating our own little branch pictures, and I imagine we’ll go out and find our own branches to decorate with pompoms or other materials.

Day 5: Leaves

Look at this fun activity based on the Hungry Catepillar book by Eric Carle!

And then we will do a treasure hunt with leaves, uncovering other goodies, as well as our apples.

That’s the week at a glance – minimal prep time means maximizing my time and energy to have with the kids. Such a blessing!




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