Thankful Turkey

This week have been hit hard with the fall sickies. It started with Peter and spread pretty quickly the rest of us, with the exception of Natalie. Somehow she managed to come through the week unscathed (amazing gummy vitamins for the win!).  So we’ve had a pretty low-key week when it comes to pretty much everything.

I did, however, pull out our Thanksgiving bag from the November’s Mother Goose Time On The Go box so we could at least take advantage of some of the fun activities before Thanksgiving! So here is a fun slideshow of the kiddos decorating their Thankful Turkey. Peter was having a little trouble figuring out which direction his tape needed to be facing, so I captured a sweet moment of Natalie stepping in to help on her own accord.


I especially like their bows at the end.

And we enjoyed reading November’s book, A Ride for Duck! Such a cute little rhyming story about Duck and some unlikely friends.


Have a great Thanksgiving!

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