Pattern Play

One morning this week, we decided to do some pattern play with our tangram shapes that we have received in an earlier month’s package of Mother Goose Time curriculum, making abstract Christmas trees while trying to stick with patterns. It wasn’t super complicated, but it was fun to see how the kids were innovative with their creations. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of Peter’s, since I was more hands-on with him, but here are two of Natalie’s.

Although I don’t have to be sneaky with math with you, as she LOVES pretty much all things math so far, it’s nice to know that I have bring in some math lessons to our play in the future, if Peter turns out to be less than receptive about it. And I have lost count of the times that we have pulled out these shapes at the kitchen table, either for lessons or just for play as I’m preparing dinner. It’s great to know that they’re learning through play!

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