Inside the Box: A Peek Into Our Preschool Curriculum, Part 2

Hey there! So this is the third post in the series on our new Preschool curriculum, Mother Goose Time. We have LOVED our time with this curriculum in the past (we used it for about 6 months when my daughter was 5 years old) and we are excited to be using it again our second time around with our little man. You can catch the previous posts about our initial box day here and then getting into a little bit more detail on the resources included in the Teacher Tool Bag here.

This week I will be sharing about the Circle Time materials (which I will receive monthly) and the Getting Started Packet (one time only packet) that I received with my starter kit (the first box of the subscription). The Getting Started Booklet that is a GREAT step-by-step guide on how to approach all the resources that were given in the box. I probably should have started this series with this, but oh well. We’ll get to it now.

Here is the beautiful array of materials that I pulled out of the Getting Started Packet, that includes some of the staple Circle Time materials to get my board started.

We have the beautiful map that I add to the outside of the tri-fold board that I use to create my Circle Time boards. It’s an awesome tool that we reference quite a bit. I love how colorful it is!


Here are some of the cute graphics that are included to cover the different elements of the Circle Time board (weather corner with Mother Goose Time), as well as the Alphabet Grass that I have running along the bottom of my board currently. You can also see in the first image the Months of the Year cards that are used to label each month’s calendar that is included in the monthly Circle Time bag.

Now let’s just into the Getting Started booklet! This is such an awesome resource for teachers & parents to know the ins and outs of the program. You can tell by the detail involved not only in the booklet but all the materials provided that the writers and creators really have a heart for learning and equipping others to educate well.

I guess I could have just shared this image and forgone the series, huh? Like I said, they are super helpful and want to make sure that you not only have the tools you need to succeed, but to make sure you know how to wield the tools effectively.

This was super helpful for me to get an idea of what my board could look like, and to then have some creative freedom to design our own.

Like I mentioned, they are so thorough to make sure you understand how to use the resources that they provide.

I will go into more detail about the Daily Discovery Bags next week, but here is a sneak peek on what you will receive on any given month with Mother Goose Time.

This helps take away the mystery of the lesson planning and facilitating so that you can get about the business of teaching and enjoying those kiddos. This is one of my favorite aspects of MGT!

This is a holistic approach to education, recognizing that each child has so many unique facets and that there is more to learning than just cognitive development. Mother Goose Time provides different elements of learning to help each child thrive not only cognitively, but physically and socially as well.

And as a homeschooling mama, this is also another thing I LOVE about Mother Goose Time. There is an instant sense of community and a support system available to help you give your kids what they need. There are training videos available online, as well as others you can contact with questions, so that you don’t feel like you have to do this on your own.

Next is the Circle Time Bag!

(Please excuse the awful picture)
You can see here (kind of) the super cute theme poster that came with June’s Alphabet Island box, as well as the calendar below, the day pieces (that also represent the pattern of the month), the circle time song cards with lyrics, and the example picture of a Circle Time Board.

The Circle Time songs CD is also included, with songs like the Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Little Helper, and some other well-known nursery rhymes.

And of course I have to include my little man exploring the calendar pieces and pattern play.

I love that the pieces are so visually appealing that he wants to interact with them and it brings about organic opportunities for him to learn as he plays.

Next week, Discovery Daily Bags!

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