Summer School – Box Day!

I am so excited to announce that we’ve decided to use the Mother Goose Time curriculum again as our official Pre-K curriculum for Peterman! We’ve been waiting until The Sweetness finishes first grade to start a new, longer learning routine with Peter (now that he’s a big boy four), and it’s finally here! Call us crazy, as most other families are counting down the days until summer break just as we are ramping up to start a new school year with Peter, but that is the flow of this household. A little crazy. Truthfully, we’ve just enjoyed a little hiatus from our usual school routine as we moved into our new home and have gotten our new footing here, and so we’re looking forward to a fun, fruitful summer!

One reason we chose to go with Mother Goose Time is because it is so hands-on (and super visually appealing)!  Check out June’s Theme, Alphabet Island!

I have found that each day this week that we’ve pulled out our Mother Goose Time daily bags, both kids still want to stay at the table longer, and continue with their “free play” time making additional improvements or adjustments to their STEM creations & art projects. That speaks volumes to me, in and of itself.

When Day 1’s Topic, Island, called for water play, Peter stayed at the table an hour past our lesson time, continuing to explore what he could do with this month’s math manipulatives in his water tray. This was super handy because it allowed Natalie to do a little bit of her handwriting and reading practice while he was engaged, in the same room, with minimal interruptions. Can I get a Hallelujah? (I am pretty sure I heard angels singing in the background.) So far, it has been a total win for our family in this season!

And we all just love Box Day! I mean, look at how adorable this is (and the kids aren’t too bad, either)!



And then you open it up, and everything is already organized (swoon)!

This is my first box, which will include the Starter Kit (one time bag), and then all the other materials that I will continue to get each month (the Teacher Tool Bag, pictured below, that includes materials such as the Teacher’s guide and the monthly planning journal; the Circle Time bag, that includes materials that I can add to my Circle Time board or station each month, including letters of the month, new calendar pieces, theme poster, etc; and the 20 Daily bags that include each day’s topic poster, as well as the majority of materials needed for each day’s lesson plan (minus a few everyday household items, like glue, markers, and the like).



With all the materials already divided up and the lessons planned already so clearly laid out, I don’t have to spend long hours planning and compiling materials. Which means I am freed up to put my energy into teaching my kids and enjoying my time with them as they explore the materials.  I have found that the extra time and energy it saves me on the front end allows for me to follow their ideas and moods on even given day to further personalize their learning.

I am a visual person, so I want to show you just what I experience on any given box day each month, as I pull out all the colorful materials and get excited about the time we’re going to get to enjoy together over the next few weeks. I mean, who doesn’t love getting mail?!

So we’ll explore Alphabet Island together in some upcoming posts, where I will share pictures of the contents of these fun little bags, and a few of our personal take-aways from the lesson plans.

Thanks for reading!


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