August is for Superheroes

This month Mother Goose Time’s Theme, Superheros, is taking a close look at real life superheros – police officers, firemen, peacekeepers (military personnel), volunteers, and good neighbors. While I’m sure we will have fun imagining what it would be like to have our own super powers, I love that we are focusing on real life and the amazing sacrifices that others make. I love being able to talk about that while we may not have super speed or super strength, we can be powerful in other ways – in showing kindness, compassion, serving others in need – and just in the same way our favorite superheros save the day, we can influence the lives of others for good! This topic has the potential for some really great conversations in our household!

This month’s theme was perfect timing as it coincided with a local park event featuring police, firefighters, and EMTs in our area, giving them an opportunity to share a little bit more of what they do on a day-to-day basis, engaging with the kids, and also helping to equip the parents. And of course, they threw in some free food and bouncy houses for the fun of it! I wish I had snagged some pictures.

Natalie was THRILLED because she has been telling us for about a year now that she wants to be a policewoman and a mommy when she grows up. She was a bit shy when it came to actually speaking to a police officer that evening, but she did walk away with her own badge that evening. And this mama got a tutorial on CPR and learned that it is no longer recommended that you give mouth-to-mouth during CPR. It is proven that there is enough oxygen in the person’s body for a short amount of time that just the chest thrusts alone will continue to circulation that air until EMT can arrive. I thought that was so interesting! Overall, it was a huge hit!

So first off, we pulled out the Circle Time Bag where we found our theme poster, theme web and calendar.

How adorable is this?!

I usually quickly review what topics we’ll be discussing with the kids to see which ones perk their interests naturally.


Love the calendar pieces this month!

I love allowing the kids to help me set up each month, punching out the calendar number pieces and working with my youngest on his numbers, days of the week, and even patterning.


Look! A rare sighting of no one arguing over who gets what pieces! And I caught it on camera!

Here we are helping Peter (age 4) to fill in the date pieces, recognizing the number order as well as the pattern (mask, symbol, super strength, super strength, mask, symbol, super strength, super strength, or ABCC).

Peter doing a great job identifying his number order!

Finished product! Although this wasn’t even technically part of the lesson plans for this month, I love being able to use this as a quick exercise for them to work together, take more ownership in this month’s activities, and definitely to help solidifying the calendar facts for Peter.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else the kids enjoy from this month’s theme!

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