Capes, Masks, and Superpowers

As I mentioned in my previous post, this month’s theme for Mother Goose Time is Superheros! One of my favorite little resources each month is the Little Journal! This is something we’ll work through all month, with daily activities that highlight different letters or topics that the kiddos will be reviewing all month. A couple of months ago, with Alphabet Island, we decorated letters and had some letter-related fun. This month it looks like we’ll be focusing on numbers, which is so great because Peter loves them, but also seems for forget that 16 exists. So one goal for this month is to cement 16’s true identity in his head! Maybe we’ll even create a superhero sixteen!

I LOVE to journal, so maybe that is one reason I just gravitate towards this effective little resource each month, but regardless the reason, the kiddos love them as well. So we had fun this morning with our conversations revolving around questions like, “If you were a superhero, what would your power be?” “What would you wear as a superhero? What is your symbol to represent your power?”

It was fun to get our creative juices flowing first thing, and to also see their unique responses!

“Natalie, is yours going to have a cape?” “Mom, capes are the worst.”

Peter, as a superhero, originally started out with three legs. (I promise he told me it was a leg.) And then it turned into his arm, so I’m guessing his superhero persona has really been taking to the Cosmic Yoga that we’ve been dabbling in some of our evenings the past few weeks. And although you would probably then guess that his superpower was flexibility, don’t be fooled. It is tooting. “Tooting at bad guys” to be exact.

Yes, friends. Peter the superhero can knock you away with his toots. (Actually, it’s pretty literal). He is saving the day, one toot at a time!

And then he added super speed. So maybe that is what fuels his speed. (Boys…)

This was a super sweet picture of Peter genuinely excited that he did the maze on the back of the journal. Sissy came over to make sure he had done things correctly.

Here is Superhero Natalie with her superpower of stylin’.

As we got into Day 1 and really talked about symbols, the kids decided to go back to their super self-portraits and add their own symbols.

This day’s Make and Play activity was a shield, so the kiddos decided to add their superpower symbols to that as well. Natalie then added a handle on the back (not called for in the original design), which I am pretty sure she learned from last month’s Camping activity where we made backpacks! It’s so fun to see little tricks that she learns carry over to new tasks. And of course Peter needed to have his own handle as well. One cannot effectively protect themselves against villains while holding one’s shield incorrectly!

Super Style!

Super Toots (and speed)! (His design was a little cloud of gas, and then his sister helped to demonstrate his incredible aptitude by drawing him speeding towards the danger to help save the day!)

Day 2 focused on Glasses and we got to create a fun little looking glass of sorts with another Make and Play, showing the power of 3-D imaging.

This was a clever design, with perforated little looking glasses. We folded over the tops and glued down the red see-through paper inside.

Discovering the hidden images!

This mama is going to have to research a little bit more into how 3-D glasses work, because there were lots of questions I didn’t know how to answer. I love that curiosity and when they motivate me to go learn more, too!

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