Peter’s First Bible Curriculum

September will start a new school year for us, with Natalie (“The Sweetness”) starting second grade (what?!) and Peter (Little Prince) starting 4K. We are eager to get into a new routine, and by we, I mean me, the structured, task-oriented, lover of plans and routines.

We will be continuing My Father’s World with Natalie, starting Adventures in U.S. History, their second grade curriculum. We have been through My Father’s World Kindergarten and First Grade curriculum so far and have enjoyed it, so we’re looking forward to seeing what this year holds!

And Mr. Peterman, who turned four in March, will be ready to start a more structured program as well! Up to this point, he has tagged along with us when it made sense (or really, more like when it interested him), but this year we will be working alongside each other (fingers crossed) and getting used to a whole new flow. Prayers appreciated!

Over the summer, we started Mother Goose Time, a Pre-K curriculum that we enjoyed when Natalie was Peter’s age, and that he even tagged along with quite a bit even as a little Little Prince.

Here are some adorable blasts from the past!


(You can see here our handy-dandy manipulative rolling drawer cart. This is our old house in GA, where we primarily did our schooling in the kitchen, and so we kept all our monthly math manipulatives readily accessible for them to pull out throughout the day, for free play and school-related activities. We still have the same system, although I may need to invest in a second cart soon! We just now thankfully have a curriculum closet right next to our dining room table, so the kiddos can easily still snag them when they want to, but I can also close the door and provide some boundaries for us from our focused “school” time.)

We loved how hands-on the activities were back then and I really felt like it would be a great fit now to introduce Peter to a more structured routine as we prepare for Kindergarten next year (wiping away a tear).

The past 3 months have been a lot of fun, as we have had a pretty casual approach to the curriculum, enjoying a leisurely summer while still trying to get Peter accustomed to sitting a little bit longer at the table with us for school time. Both kids have enjoyed really just engaging with the curriculum, crafting and creating and building off each other’s ideas.

This September’s theme will be My Amazing Body, and so I wanted to share a little bit about that, but primarily focus on what we will be using for Peter’s first Bible curriculum (eek, so excited!)!

So I’ll do a quick overview of some of the resources in the Teacher’s Tool Bag this month so you’ll see some of the new stuff!

Here is our theme web for September, revealing that we will be focusing on Body Parts, the Five Senses, Staying Healthy, and Clothing. And since we have been making strides as a family this year to learn more about nutrition and being better stewards of our bodies, I’m excited that this will go hand in hand with what we are learning “outside school time” so to speak. And as we continue on what will be our third year of homeschooling, I’m learning that it’s all “school time” when you homeschool. 🙂 We’re always learning and God has an awesome way of integrating it altogether, as only He can do it, the Ultimate Lesson Planner. 🙂

New Design for the Teacher’s Guide this year! Love it!

Let’s peek inside Week 1’s Lesson Plans!

Here on the left of the columns are the daily topics (each will have a corresponding bag with supplies & a Daily Topic poster).

And following the columns to the right, we’ll see the different activities categorized by subject (Math & Reasoning, Creative Arts, STEAM, etc.). I will probably go more in-depth on this new layout later, but for now, I wanted to highlight what we will be using for Peter’s Bible curriculum this year! Mother Goose Time offers several additional programs for each month’s box, on top of the usual curriculum, which also correlate to each month’s theme so that each can be integrated very easily into the month’s lesson plans and flow! We have chosen Experience God. We did this for a couple of months when Natalie was four years old, and so I am really excited to give Peter the same opportunity now that he’s a little bit older.

This month’s theme, which correlates to our month’s theme “My Amazing Body,” is “God Cares About My Body.”

This month features the Miracles of Jesus and the Bible verse for this month is Psalm 139:14, “I praise You, God. I am wonderfully made.”

Here is the first lesson for the week (each month includes 4 week’s worth of lessons, each with 5 days): How Does Jesus Heal The Sick?

We will start out our lesson by reading the Story Card that is included for each week.

Front cover of Week 1’s Story Card
(I love that you can hold this up while reading so that my kids can see the images while listening to the Bible story. Great functional design!)

Bible Story found in the middle of the Story Card

Back of the Story Card

Here are some examples of the activities that we’ll be focusing on each day of the week as we review the Bible story.

The last day’s activity comes with supplies for us to create a craft, a medical bag to remind them that Jesus heals, including prescription cards for love, faith, and prayer.

Here is what our month’s worth of supplies look like for our weekly activities. I usually forget to snag a picture before I take them out of the bag, but I want you to see how organized everything is when it arrives!

Here are the examples of the four crafts we’ll be making this month as we learn about how God cares for our body.

Here are the supplies for our medical bag and our prescription cards.

And here is a close-up of the instruction sheet to walk me through Week 1, Day 5’s craft with the kiddos.

Here is Week 1’s Family Sheet that we can share with Daddy-man if we choose to do our Bible time each day after he leaves for work. This will be a great way to share with him each week what we are learning, as well as a gauge for me as to how well Peter is retaining the lesson.

And finally a coloring sheet to show what we’re learning!

I’ve said it a lot, but I am just so excited and thankful for this curriculum. I love how thorough of a job the team at Mother Goose Time executes to provide such an overall, comprehensive curriculum that is well-organized and so detailed that it really takes 99% of the work out of it for me, as a mom and a teacher, and frees me up to just enjoy teaching my kids. Because I am freed up from having to lesson plan and gather gobs of supplies each day, I can spend my energy and time where it really matters, in relating and connecting with my kids as they learn. Because at the end of the day, while I do hope and pray they are well-educated, I also really want to have a stronger connection with them than when we started. And this task-oriented mama can sometimes get distracted by the set-up and lose focus on what I’m trying to accomplish in the first place. And so Mother Goose Time is a blessing for me because it’s already prepared. We can just sit down at the table and enjoy. Kinda of like someone else is making dinner. You know how good that feels, to just feel like you’re being served and can just relax and enjoy? That’s what this is for me!

More adventures to come! Stay tuned!


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