Be Brave

October is here and we are SO excited that it is fall! Well, at least I am. My daughter has told me on more than one account that shes’ a little tired of how excited I am about fall. But I cannot help it! I just love this season!

(I can hear Olaf in my head. “I love all things fall,  and wind, and all things cold-ish!)

So now that it’s October, we will be reading about the story of Esther for Peter’s Bible curriculum, Mother Goose Time‘s Experience God! The theme is “Be Brave” and I know my daughter will be excited, as Esther is one of her favorite book of the Bible by far! So I wanted to show you some of the cute materials we got to help as we investigate what God wants to teach us about Himself this month through the book of Esther!

This is our memory verse poster, which we normally put on our Circle Time Board to reference throughout the month. (But as it turns out, we haven’t been utilizing our Circle Time Board as much as we used to when my daughter was younger and we were using Mother Goose Time. So I’m thinking we will hang this in my son’s room where we can look at it daily.)

This is the lesson book that has our daily activities for the four weeks of October. These are great conversation starters and have some cute activities as well.

These are our story cards, which breaks down the main points of the book of Esther into four main parts, one for each week.

The weekly lesson is printed on the back so that I can hold up the picture to show the kids while I’m reading. And there are cute, interactive prompts to the storytelling be a little more dynamic.

These are the main crafts that we’ll complete as we discuss the weekly lesson. My favorite this month is the coloring book included in week 4.

This is so cute! I love it!

I love introducing and reinforcing these vocabulary terms. I can already envision our conversations about boldness, what it looks like to be bold for Christ, what we do when we don’t feel very bold or brave, etc.

It’s a sign of great curriculum that not only provides great content, but also inspires the teacher to personalize their lessons for their students.

Looking forward to sharing more pictures and our experience with Experience God this month!

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