Boundaries and Balance

This post by Lisa Whittle really spoke to me today, especially as I’m learning about boundaries. My husband and I have recently joined a small group that is doing the study, “Boundaries in Marriage” and we’re really, really enjoying it. But I have to admit it’s kind of kicking my butt, too! I had no idea how boundaries (and the lack of them) affect the relationships and decisions that we make each day!

It’s heartbreaking to me to see families that are serving in ministry, giving so much for other people, whose own families are falling apart themselves. I can see how easily that could become my life, too, should I not learn how to set proper boundaries and learn to protect the gifts God has given me.

I think that if we could all be prayerful and intentional to follow the steps Lisa puts out in the blog, we’d do more to reinforce and strengthen our families, and our overall effectiveness in ministry as a result.

Choosing the Better Over the Good

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