This December has been filled with a lot of things.
A lot of questions. A lot of doubts. A lot of seeking the Lord and in His faithfulness, a lot of finding Him in all of it.

I’ve been reminded of the truth of this passage:
“If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.” Jeremiah 29:13

Unfortunately for me, this wholehearted seeking tends to be because I’ve hit the end of myself. I have tried and tried again to do all the things in my own strength and wisdom, and have come up short.
Energy expended, I fall at His feet, again, and He consistently and gently lifts my head.

So this December has been a lot of laying things down.
Over and over again. Because it takes a while to break a well-ingrained habit of doing.

When the knee-jerk reaction hits to grab my agenda – my plan – my wisdom and apply it to ________, the Holy Spirit is faithful to remind me that He’s got this.
I don’t need to do anything, but surrender. I don’t need to do anything, but nothing.

Who would have thought doing nothing would be so hard??!!

But I have found that it’s in the repeated and habitual surrender that new life can spring forth.

New inspiration. New joy.

I didn’t realize how much I had missed it, how much I needed it, until He restored my joy.

He was faithful to respond to His Word:

So when my daughter came home from church singing a new song she learned, it was so fitting. It has captured what the Lord has been doing in our household this December, and it was such a poignant reminder of what He has done for all of creation over 2,000 years ago when He brought His joy into the World.

And hidden in this video and all it’s sweetness is how the Lord has been moving on our behalf – inspite of myself most days – in honoring a prayer that Jordan and I have been praying. We had desired and asked that the Lord would give our kids a special relationship, a close-knit bond as they experience these years in such tight quarters at home, schooling and doing all the things together. I love how the Lord reveals His work just when you need the reassurance.

I hope that you had a blessed Christmas season, filled with sweet and full moments of God’s love and peace and amazing grace. Because He is faithful to reveal Himself when we will ask.

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