More Math and Literacy with Peter

This December our family is taking a break from school as we reassess how things have been going this past year and prayerfully approach 2016.  But it’s been nice to focus and enjoy our Advent season, anticipating Christ’s ultimate return and also His movement in our lives now.

It has been great to be able to pull out some stand-alone activities that we can pull out when we run across windows of time when the kid want to do something productive with their hands.

This past week, we pulled out a couple of previous month’s More Math and Literacy workbooks, just for a fun activity that would also help us to retain some of the information we’ve been learning over the past couple of months. And it was so exciting to see that Peter has really turned a corner developmentally. In the past, these workbooks have been something I’ve used solely with Natalie, since they are geared to help bridge PK kids to Kindergarten. Peter has enjoyed looking at the pictures, but I’ve reserved them for her use. But today he was a lot more interested in what she was doing and so we did a few of the exercises together while Natalie finished some of hers. It was so neat to be able to recognize how he is growing and just how incredible that see the difference in his interest-level (much like we’ve seen a change in his new found interest in coloring, whereas a few scribbles used to be perfectly fine for him and nothing else was needed).

Peterman identifying the numbers on the clouds.

The activity called for Peter to add the corresponding amount of raindrops under each cloud, so we just focused on the number four.

Peter doing a little bit of the color by letter activity while Natalie is busy cutting away at some rakes, so she can them compare their sizes.

These workbooks have always been a huge hit and a personal favorite of mine. I definitely recommend them, even for the youngers.

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