Capes, Masks, and Superpowers

As I mentioned in my previous post, this month’s theme for Mother Goose Time is Superheros! One of my favorite little resources each month is the Little Journal! This is something we’ll work through all month, with daily activities that highlight different letters or topics that the kiddos will be reviewing all month. A couple of months ago, with Alphabet Island, we decorated letters and had some letter-related fun. This month it looks like we’ll be focusing on numbers, which is so great because Peter loves them, but also seems for forget that 16 exists. So one goal for this month is to cement 16’s true identity in his head! Maybe we’ll even create a superhero sixteen!

I LOVE to journal, so maybe that is one reason I just gravitate towards this effective little resource each month, but regardless the reason, the kiddos love them as well. So we had fun this morning with our conversations revolving around questions like, “If you were a superhero, what would your power be?” “What would you wear as a superhero? What is your symbol to represent your power?”

It was fun to get our creative juices flowing first thing, and to also see their unique responses!

“Natalie, is yours going to have a cape?” “Mom, capes are the worst.”

Peter, as a superhero, originally started out with three legs. (I promise he told me it was a leg.) And then it turned into his arm, so I’m guessing his superhero persona has really been taking to the Cosmic Yoga that we’ve been dabbling in some of our evenings the past few weeks. And although you would probably then guess that his superpower was flexibility, don’t be fooled. It is tooting. “Tooting at bad guys” to be exact.

Yes, friends. Peter the superhero can knock you away with his toots. (Actually, it’s pretty literal). He is saving the day, one toot at a time!

And then he added super speed. So maybe that is what fuels his speed. (Boys…)

This was a super sweet picture of Peter genuinely excited that he did the maze on the back of the journal. Sissy came over to make sure he had done things correctly.

Here is Superhero Natalie with her superpower of stylin’.

As we got into Day 1 and really talked about symbols, the kids decided to go back to their super self-portraits and add their own symbols.

This day’s Make and Play activity was a shield, so the kiddos decided to add their superpower symbols to that as well. Natalie then added a handle on the back (not called for in the original design), which I am pretty sure she learned from last month’s Camping activity where we made backpacks! It’s so fun to see little tricks that she learns carry over to new tasks. And of course Peter needed to have his own handle as well. One cannot effectively protect themselves against villains while holding one’s shield incorrectly!

Super Style!

Super Toots (and speed)! (His design was a little cloud of gas, and then his sister helped to demonstrate his incredible aptitude by drawing him speeding towards the danger to help save the day!)

Day 2 focused on Glasses and we got to create a fun little looking glass of sorts with another Make and Play, showing the power of 3-D imaging.

This was a clever design, with perforated little looking glasses. We folded over the tops and glued down the red see-through paper inside.

Discovering the hidden images!

This mama is going to have to research a little bit more into how 3-D glasses work, because there were lots of questions I didn’t know how to answer. I love that curiosity and when they motivate me to go learn more, too!

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August is for Superheroes

This month Mother Goose Time’s Theme, Superheros, is taking a close look at real life superheros – police officers, firemen, peacekeepers (military personnel), volunteers, and good neighbors. While I’m sure we will have fun imagining what it would be like to have our own super powers, I love that we are focusing on real life and the amazing sacrifices that others make. I love being able to talk about that while we may not have super speed or super strength, we can be powerful in other ways – in showing kindness, compassion, serving others in need – and just in the same way our favorite superheros save the day, we can influence the lives of others for good! This topic has the potential for some really great conversations in our household!

This month’s theme was perfect timing as it coincided with a local park event featuring police, firefighters, and EMTs in our area, giving them an opportunity to share a little bit more of what they do on a day-to-day basis, engaging with the kids, and also helping to equip the parents. And of course, they threw in some free food and bouncy houses for the fun of it! I wish I had snagged some pictures.

Natalie was THRILLED because she has been telling us for about a year now that she wants to be a policewoman and a mommy when she grows up. She was a bit shy when it came to actually speaking to a police officer that evening, but she did walk away with her own badge that evening. And this mama got a tutorial on CPR and learned that it is no longer recommended that you give mouth-to-mouth during CPR. It is proven that there is enough oxygen in the person’s body for a short amount of time that just the chest thrusts alone will continue to circulation that air until EMT can arrive. I thought that was so interesting! Overall, it was a huge hit!

So first off, we pulled out the Circle Time Bag where we found our theme poster, theme web and calendar.

How adorable is this?!

I usually quickly review what topics we’ll be discussing with the kids to see which ones perk their interests naturally.


Love the calendar pieces this month!

I love allowing the kids to help me set up each month, punching out the calendar number pieces and working with my youngest on his numbers, days of the week, and even patterning.


Look! A rare sighting of no one arguing over who gets what pieces! And I caught it on camera!

Here we are helping Peter (age 4) to fill in the date pieces, recognizing the number order as well as the pattern (mask, symbol, super strength, super strength, mask, symbol, super strength, super strength, or ABCC).

Peter doing a great job identifying his number order!

Finished product! Although this wasn’t even technically part of the lesson plans for this month, I love being able to use this as a quick exercise for them to work together, take more ownership in this month’s activities, and definitely to help solidifying the calendar facts for Peter.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else the kids enjoy from this month’s theme!

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I receive curriculum in exchange for posting about our honest and authentic experiences with the curriculum.
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Pinecones and Purpose

This Monday morning started out hopeful and optimistic. I had quite a bit on my to-do list portion of my planner and the week ahead of me to knock it out. Despite a little bit of a sore throat, I was ready to face the week. A week full of purposeful activities planned out ahead of me.

I swung my feet over the side of the bed and my feet touched the floor. All bets were off after that.

Isn’t that how most days go? Or is it just me? I have pie-in-the-sky ideals of how my day with my two littles is going to go, and then I wake up.

So today was no different. We didn’t have any big interruptions to our morning. It was just one of those days where things were not coming together. We sat down to get into our Mother Goose Time lesson plans and my eyes had gravitated to the fun little postcards included in our Daily Discovery Bag. We pulled them out and proceeded to prepare little hellos to the grandmothers.

Peter’s first postcard attempt

Peter’s tree and roots going down deep into the soil.

My oldest getting in on the action

Peter carefully examining the pinecones including in the Discovery Bag for the birdfeeder activity.

However, like I mentioned before, today just wasn’t flowing. Mama was little grumpy and the kiddos wanted to be out in the nature that we were discussing. And so we decided that one activity was good for today. Out went the plan, but we kept the purpose.

This may not seem like a big deal to you. Maybe you are one of those super flexible parents that can just roll with it. If so, that is awesome and continue showing those of us a little less stretchy what to work towards. But for me to choose to throw out the to-do list (not only on my planner, but the one that I walk around with in my head), and to not see the day as a “loss” is a big deal for me. It’s a little sad, as I type it out, how often it’s been all or nothing for me. That I wasn’t open to the interruptions and sidelines, and definitely not open to the lessons that could be learned from them in the moment. Maybe a few days or weeks later, looking back. But definitely not in real time.

But today, we chose purpose over the plan, and I think we chose well. Because while the kiddos normally can sit and craft away most of the morning, and we’re able to go over several of the monthly theme’s daily topics in one sitting, today they just needed to play. They needed to get out into the trees and rocks and zipline at the neighborhood park. They needed to add some experiences to their little minds so that when we sit down tomorrow, they can apply some of what they learned in the park to what we’re discussing at the table.

It goes both ways, the learning. From the desk (or table in our case) to the park, and from the park to the desk.

I could have tried to force the lessons, pressed on at the table, and I’m sure we would have been a cheery bunch by noon. Yes, we would have checked off some lessons and tasks, but what is the benefit if the kids aren’t engaged and tensions are high? I don’t want to sacrifice my relationships and my time with my kids on the altar of production, as if that is the only meaningful thing in life there is. I don’t believe that, but how often have my days reflected that?

I’m slowly gaining the freedom and flexibility to know that sometimes changing the plan is the most purposeful thing I can do. Sometimes realizing that what I thought was a good idea may still be a good idea, but not today. Because today calls for being out in the sun and wind and nature, for cuddles and quick hugs, pushing on the swings and trying to find painted rocks at the park (apparently it’s a popular local thing).

So, maybe we didn’t learn just one little lesson today after all.



As an official Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador,
I receive curriculum in exchange for posting about our honest and authentic experiences with the curriculum.
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