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I wrote the post below last summer, choosing to keep it as a personal prayer for me instead of a public post. However, as I read over it again today, I am overjoyed with how the Lord has already begun to reveal Himself through His Spirit-inspired prayer for my family, and so I wanted to share as a statement of gratitude and rejoicing in the things He has done.

Since praying this, my sweet Natalie has accepted Jesus as her personal Savior, and evidence of His movement in her life has been amazing. And so I will continue to pray these things in faith, knowing that the Lord desires and delights to accomplish these things- calling my sweet Peter to Himself and continuing to change and orchestrate our lives in whatever crazy ways will reveal Him most.

Just this morning I was telling my husband how amazing it is that I absolutely LOVE being at home with my kids full-time. What was once a daunting, intimidating task (not to say that it isn’t still some days) has become one of my greatest joys and I have discovered new passions I didn’t know were there. The Lord continues to rock my world, confirming that He knows my heart so much better than I do.

So below is something I believe the Holy Spirit inspired me to write for my family, and I encourage you to find out what specifics He wants you to be asking Him for. God is the Giver of Good Gifts, and He will direct our hearts to His heart if we ask Him to. So we are just joining in and agreeing with Him for the things that He desires to do in our hearts and in our lives. It’s pretty incredible! His goodness amazes me.

“Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures throughout all generations. The Lord is faithful in all His words and kind in all His works.” -Psalm 145:13

June 2, 2014
In one of those rare, quiet and still moments, I am watching from another room both my kids nibble on pieces of loaf bread. And in my heart, I am praying that they will hunger for real Bread. That I will be able to sit back and watch them feast on God’s Word and hunger for His Truth. That I will get to watch as they get acquainted more and more with God, and then one glorious day, choose to believe that they need Him as Savior and Lord.

Lord, I pray that You would call my babies to Yourself. That you would give them ears to hear Your voice, and hearts that are receptive to Your truth. Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the Word. Impress on my heart the importance and urgency of speaking Your Word to them every single day. Give me wisdom and fluency. Fill up my lack and do what is needed in me to overflow to them. Thank You for choosing me to be their mother. Give me courage to embrace this role and step into the authority that You have given me to guide them into Your Truth. Let them see me pursuing Your heart, being more concerned with knowing You than knowing about You. Show me how to abide and to know Your love that it can’t help but overflow to them. Your Word says that people will know us by our love. Help me to love them in such a way that they can’t help but know You in the process.

Thank You for the promise that it is You that works in me to will and to act according to Your good purpose. Show me Your plans for them and how to foster those plans, to support and encourage them to step into all that You have for them. Thank You for the truth that I can cling to that You are my competence and that I don’t have to rely on my own skills or abilities for this daunting task, but that You will equip me for everything that is needed through Your Spirit. Thank You that You are faithful to finish what You have started in me, that You will not leave me or forsake me. Thank You that You my ever-present help in times of trouble (and frustration and depression and anxiety and just being plain ole tired). Thank You that You are El Elyon, the Most High God, and that You are above every fear and obstacle and circumstance that claims it will keep me from the things that You are calling me to do, and You will see me through them. Thank You that You are my Hope that does not disappoint. Help me to fix my eyes on You and to run this race with endurance, giving me the wisdom to avoid the things that do not matter and the strength to throw off the sin that so easily entangles. Protect me from distractions that call me away from You and my family. Give me discernment to stay in turn with Your Holy Spirit, sensitive and connected. Remind me of the necessity of putting on the armor that You have given, so that I may stand firm in You against any attempts of the evil one. And then help me to stand firm, knowing that this is the most important work that I will ever be called to, and let me give myself fully to it, holding nothing back.

Thank You for changing my heart, and all the ways You will continue to change my heart. Thank You for awaken me to the ways that I have been misguided and deceived, and please continue to wake me up to Your truth and Your kingdom. You have been so faithful. Help me to cling to the ways that You have revealed Yourself faithful so that in moments of doubt, I still come to You. Transform our family for Your glory and Your purposes. I acknowledge, despite my deceitful heart, that You are the greatest treasure we can pursue. Help us to spend our lives doing that.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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