Routines and Transitions

One of the reasons that I love Mother Goose Time is that wonderful individuals that make up this company are constantly tweaking, redesigning, and creating new tools to better improve the learning experiences for students, as well as the teaching experience for us teachers!

One of the ways that this is represented was in this nifty little Free Resource kit that was included in October’s Weather All Around Us box.

Most kids, and definitely mine included, struggle when it comes to transitioning from one task to another. This is usually when the whines and fits come in around my house. I approach a transition too quickly, not giving my kids a moment to finish their given tasks, it doesn’t go well. The same also doesn’t work when I give my kids too much time to finish said given task, and this mama gets grumpy waiting for her kids.

With these helpful suggestions, and really cute little songs, it helps create a routine for transitions that will help the kids know what to expect, and add some fun into the mix.

And these subject cards help the kids know what activities we’ll be doing that day (obviously we don’t cover all of these on any given day, so I would just pull out what their choices are for that day). This helps the kids to know that we can’t spend all day in art, no matter how much they would LOVE that, but it also lets them know that they won’t be spending all day in other, less enjoyed subjects.

And honestly, it helps me to stay on task as well and meet the goals we want to meet for the day or week.

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