Weather All Around Us

October’s Mother Goose Time theme is Weather All Around Us, and it couldn’t be more timely.

With the crazy weather that has been hitting the past few months in the States and Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, storms have been one of the main topics of conversation. We had family come stay with us while Irma hit Florida and Georgia, and into the northern states, and we’ve been heavyhearted as friends’ loved ones have been affected by the devastation in Puerto Rico. Even at this age, we want our kids to be aware of the world around them and that even though we may not feel the direct impact of these storms, our God cares for each and every one of the individuals that does, and as His body we want to be part of the healing and restoration process.

I’m thankful when our curriculum really does seem to lend itself to what is already happening in our lives and can just foster those conversations and make deeper impacts with my kids. I believe that is where true learning is going to take place, instead of just trying to memorize facts or store away information for the future.

And can i just say that I really do love the new design for the Teacher’s guide!

And how adorable is this kid right here?

Love that we will be discussing life cycles as well as seasons during lessons 6-10!

I can see lots of leaf activities in our future!

And of course, wrapping it up with storms. So appropriate!

Theme Web

I realized I haven’t pointed out this tool in a little while, so I wanted to include it again. This is SO helpful! On top of the usual supplies that are recommended to keep on-hand (see picture below), the nice people at Mother Goose Time are so gracious to let us know what other materials we may need for each given lesson. Most of the supplies are provided, let me remind you, so the gathering list is super minimal. But I appreciate the quick reference without having to flip through each lesson in the Teacher Guides.

AND look at this calendar!!! LOVE!

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